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MUVE Mestre

CHAGALL. The Colour of Dreams

The Exhibition

The Colour of Dreams

From 30 September 2023 to 13 February 2024

Centro Culturale Candiani
Second floor exhibition rooms

Exhibition curated by
Elisabetta Barisoni


The successful exhibition activity conceived by Fondazione Musei Civici for the city of Mestre around the Masters of the 20th Century series, continues. After the theme of abstraction, which began with Kandinsky and ended with the international Art Informel movement, once again a Russian master, namely Marc Chagall, is the focus of a new
‘journey’ through the civic collections of modern and contemporary art. Commencing from the masterpiece Rabbino n. 2 or Rabbino di Vitebsk (1914–1922), acquired by Venice Municipality at the 1928 Biennale and conserved in Ca’ Pesaro Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna, the exhibition will investigate the revolutionary scope of Chagall’s art as dream painting and the triumph of the creative imagination.

At the climax of symbolism and expressionism and the start of surrealist painting, Chagall’s inner world appears as instinctive, illogical, fantastic and otherworldly. Conceived around masterpieces conserved at Ca’ Pesaro, the exhibition includes Chagall in its journey through 20th-century art. This begins from the oneiric symbolism of Odilon Redon, Félicien Rops and Adolfo Wildt and traverses the works of European expressionism, well represented by the colours of Emil Nolde and George Grosz. Matter painting and sacred themes are also considered in relation to the religious implications of the Russian master, expressed by Georges Rouault.

The affinity of the Rabbino in Ca’ Pesaro to cubist and constructivist developments will then be compared with the contemporary sculpture of Ossip Zadkine, and from there to the surrealism of Max Ernst, who saw Chagall as an essential starting point for his own art.


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